Compositive Works B.V.

Please take notice of the services Compositive Works B.V. would like to offer to your business. Our capabilities are founded on a work experience of decades in the rotor blade manufacturing industry, including moulds. Applicable key words for our services are; worldwide, quick employable, versatile, efficient, goal-oriented. Please see breakdown-by-subject as stated below.

Organizing services:
- Consultancy with regard to arrangement and lay-out of production facilities.
- Consultancy concerning manufacturing tools, production planning, logistics, work force issues and manufacturing processes.
- Instruction and training for safe and efficient application of production tools and processes.

Tooling introduction:
The arrangement of . .
- Worldwide transport of production tools.
- Turn-Key on-site installation of production lines.
- Supplying guidance and instruction during first operation after set-up.

- Verification of adequate tooling installation.
- Defining and reporting possible deviations with respect to the theoretical specifications.
- Evaluation of mould deviation or malfunction caused by process parameters. (e.g. temperature, pressure etc.)
- Adjustment and repair of deviations in production tooling.

Maintenance and repair:
- Training and consultancy with regard to day-to-day and short cyclic maintenance.
- Training and instruction with respect to superficial surface refurbishments.
- Arranging and / or executing large scale maintenance.
- Troubleshooting and resolving technical malfunction.
- Writing instructions for maintenance and repair.
- Refurbishment of production tooling.

Rates are dependent upon the nature and extent of the assignment, and will be set as a component of each separate offer. In general rates will lie between 60,- en 45,- Travel and accommodation expenses will be charged at actual costs.

Please specify your needs to us. We will be happy to make you a competitive offer. If you wish to receive more information about our company and our services, please feel free to contact us.

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale from Compositive Works B.V. will apply to the services mentioned above

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